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It’s our BIRTHDAY, We’re turning 8!

Our 8th birthday is HERE. On June 12th we officially turned 8yrs old as a company of 1!

Hard to believe I have been doing this for eight whole years! I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve had 3 kids since the day I became Baltic Creations. I was pregnant with the one pictured when it all began.  I’ve had great times and rough times. I’ve gained friends and lost family (my brother passed away 03/16/15 for those that don’t know) and even some friends during this time. My customers whom I often feel are friends have been my rock. I turn to you guys when things are great and I want to tell someone the awesome news and I turn to you guys when things are horrible and I need someone to lend a shoulder.

I know I am probably not a conventional business owner, I am openly Bipolar, PTSD, OCD, ADHD/ADD, have severe anxiety and have children with the same issues plus ODD, Conduct Disorder, Possibly Autism and Aspergers, and I am very open in talking with everyone when they need a shoulder or advice on building a custom for their self or family member.

I support our military, I support public breastfeeding, I support milksharing/donation (my daughter was a donor recipient), I support LGBT rights and marriages, I support natural parenting,  I support non vaxing; delayed vaxing; and those that choose to vaccinate because it is your choice, I LOVE Cloth diapers but sadly my youngest couldn’t wear them so I have to sell them all lol.

I have 5 kids and I love animals and do have monkeys and a farm so sometimes things can get slightly delayed. Please don’t get mad just simply email me and ask me what’s going on. Either somebody is likely sick or something is going on that might have gotten shipping a little delayed. But usually I try to get things shipped out super quick. I’m always friendly until you’re rude to me. Then I’m sorry but you’re talking to a bipolar gemini that likely won’t hold her tongue.


With all of that said HERE’S TO 8 YEARS! Hopefully there’s many more to come!!