My name is Liana. I am a work at home mother of 3 boys and 2 girls. I am located in South Missouri! When I decided I wanted to go green and help mother Earth as well as my family in the process, I also decided I would like to give my children the best natural lives possible and try the DRUG FREE approach to pain relief. So I did loads of research and found out about the healing properties of Baltic Amber and the popularity of Teething Necklaces in Europe and Asia, I was intrigued!

I have been making professional grade jewelry since I was very young and decided I would like to start making something that would help other mothers and their children as well as something I personally could use. Which of course led me to the making of Baltic Amber teething necklaces, bracelets, anklets and adult Baltic Amber jewelry too. I have made many and they are currently being used by other mothers and their babies all over the world and the feedback I have received has been very satisfactory. I also wear one I made for myself and LOVE IT!

To keep up with demand, like most of my competitors, I have branched out and do stock many jewelry items handmade specifically for me by crafters in Lithuania. I do still offer customs and do make some of the items stocked on my site too. With that said I DO still offer the same warranty, on the products I did not originally make, as I do the ones I did. I can and will repair, restring, lengthen etc all jewelry I sell. But since I am a one person business, with 5 children of my own aged 1-15, I had to do this to keep up with demand (and to keep my sanity).


I do inspect each items prior to shipping to make sure it meets or exceeds my standards, so buy with confidence. And I ONLY buy from reputable suppliers that sell only 100% real Baltic Amber from the Baltic Region of Lithuania.