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Referral codes and discounts, how does this work?
Well when you sign up for a new account on our site you are automatically given the option to set up a referral code. Please make sure to input a code you will remember. Then email with your code so I can set up the discount code to work. Once you have done so we will link a discount of 5% off to that code for you to give out to anybody you would like to. Once 5 people use that referral code you will be issued a code worth 10% off your order (up to $100 order). You can continue to collect these credits and for every 5 referrals you will get an additional 10% off. Once you hit 50% off (25 referrals) you will be given a $25 gift certificate. For every referral after that you will be given an extra $1 on your gift certificate. Once you hit 50 referrals you will get a $50 gift certificate!! You can save them or you can cash them in as you get them that is totally your choice. Please keep track of your referrals because we will not email you with them we will verify them for you at any time though.

We hope in doing this new referral program you invite your friends and family to the wonderful world of natural healing with Baltic amber and gemstones!