How to Clean your amber jewelry

To enjoy your amber jewelry for long time, some simple precautions must be observed. Because of the softness of amber, its brittleness, and its susceptibility to attack by various chemicals and oxidation, amber jewelry pieces do require some special care in handling and storing.

Amber beads should not be stored where they will rub against metal or other pieces of jewelry. [This can cause beads to get broken or chipped.] Soft flannel or velvet pouches made with drawstring tops are best for storing and protecting each individual amber bead.

To remove dust and perspiration from amber beads, simply wipe them with a soft flannel cloth dampened with clean lukewarm water. They should be dried carefully.

Avoid placing amber jewelry pieces in any strong solutions and do not allow amber to come in contact with perfume or hair spray. Commercial jewelry cleaning solutions should not be used on amber. It is a good idea to remove amber jewelry while cooking to avoid excessive heat. Never use hot water for cleaning amber. Keep away amber from direct sun light. Sun light may change amber color in long period of time, it may loose polish.

Cleaning instructions

Two containers of water.
A toothbrush
Some liquid Soap
And a few towels

Mix a small amount of liquid soap in the water, dip it in the soap and water mixture, and scrub the amber gently. focus on the area wear the silver meets the amber, or in the case of amber without silver, in between the amber stones, or beads. Rinse off any residue from the soap, by washing off the amber in your other container of water.� Be careful when cleaning Amber has an approximately Mohs Hardness Value of 2.5, which means it�s a very soft gemstone, and can be scratched.

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