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Grand ReOpening

With our Grand reopening you will notice many new changes. Our website is completely refurbished. We hope you like the ease of use both online and mobile. We chose to use REAL LIFE pictures of past customers in our necklaces instead of MODELS to represent the necklaces in action on the categories of each style necklace. We are trying to make the website more REAL and family friendly instead of looking like a display. I love seeing people in my jewelry and knowing it came from me and they are enjoying it. So seeing real people enjoying my jewelry on my website not just posing for a picture makes me happy to view my site. I hope it does you as well. I will be gradually reopening customs as well. I have to get some pictures from customers for those listings and also I need to take some pictures of my gemstones that I currently have in stock since I have added so many it’s ridiculous! I also will be adding 11″screw clasp necklaces that I haven’t been able to get added just yet as well as some High Potency CBD Tinctures that are AWESOME for pain relief especially in conjunction with amber. I can’t wait for everything I have coming to be in action but in the meantime please enjoy the new website.


Also please note the .net email address is no longer active please email me at with any questions or concerns. thanks!


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Customs ReOpening Soon

You read that right! I want to go back to my roots where it all began and start doing customs again. I won’t do plain amber customs because I have way too much instock¬†for that. However I will be doing gemstones, gemstones and amber, gemstones and hazelwood, amber and hazelwood, sterling silver accents, special sterling clasps (i will post pics of them soon), watches, earrings, necklaces with Special gemstone pendants, mixed shape bead jewelry¬†etc. I have hundreds of high quality A-A+++++ gemstones available. Ones you never see available and ones you see all over. I will do my best to get pictures of all of them somehow added on here to choose from. Otherwise I will link to my Facebook album where I have most and will add more. I seriously have loads of them and then some. And they are all gorgeous. I’m excited to go back to what I love! But please note the customs will be upon request and the turn around will be a little bit due to the large family and zoo I now have, BUT it won’t take forever!


I still do NOT plan to reopen repairs. They are just too much work and people don’t want to pay the cost on them. I may do them from time to time but it will be on a case to case basis and at my discretion.